Strains Famous Worldwide For Use And Effects

Getting in conversation about weeds it’s not just having any common product to get out of the world for some specific period. People like you now have grown wise enough for the selection and consumption for the option of their choice.

We are introducing you to some most popular weeds all over the world:

Godfather Og Is An Award-Winning Weed:

Godfather OG has been awarded for the best Indica in 1913 at High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s a combination of Alpha OG and XXX OG. It’s pretty obvious with the name that it is ruling all other weeds representing itself as a father of the rest of the strains.

Godfather OG is coming forth with a combination of Indica 60%, Sativa 40%, and THC with a good amount of 21%. CBD count is 0.7%. A product description will not be completed until it is got done on the fragrance, flavors, and effects during and after it. So the fragrance has spiciness, pine, earthy, and a hint of grapes. Flavors with inhaling are Woody, Pine, Sweet, herbal, Grape, wine, Pungent and spicy. A variety of flavors in a single product like this is praiseworthy. The effects explored are pleasure, relaxation, uplifting, euphoric, and high.

Candyland Is A Strong Enough Being Gold Medalist Strain:

Candyland has won KushCon in 2012 and confirmed its place as a winner for mighty flavor and effects. Ingredients are Sativa 50% and Indica 50%. THC content is reported 24% and CBN volume is 1%. The aroma is sweet candy, and earthy beyond explanation. It has a sweet, and musky flavor rolling surroundings cozy.

Candyland is a Sativa Dominant hybrid. This strain is duet having Platinum cookies and granddaddy purple. These two are coming from California strains and has attained the most popular space there, and also in Colorado. Although the buds are small in size yet contain massive energy so cannot be judged by the size.

Chemdawg Is Historical Marijuana Strong Enough:

Chemdawg consists of 55% of Indica, 45% of Sativa, THC level of 19%, and CBD 0.1%. It is believed that this weed has gained existence by the combination of Nepalese and Thai Sativa. This is the weed earned so much admiration of vigorous genetics as it is found in the ancestor of varieties of hybrids. Also, this has renowned the origin source for several hybrids such as Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and so on.

Chemdawg offers pungent, diesel, and earthy on its aromatic journey. Menu one adapts with aroma are remarkable on the way of flavors. Starting with pungent tint liable to give you goose pumps soon lasting in diesel flavor more likely to chemicals at times. Final notes on the tang are pine, lemony, and earthy leaving you with a never-ending impression certainly.

Dark Star Strain Honored For The Best Indica Category:

Dark Star Strain has won second place in The High Time Cannabis Cup in 1999 for the best Indica category. It is loaded with Indica of 100% and Sativa is not supposed to be found in this strain. THC is available at 16% and CBD is at 1.80%.

Dark Star Strain is the marijuana mightiest and full of zest doubtlessly. The aroma is typically defined as it’s combined with numerous fragrances as it is obvious by the name. It contains the smell of several dark fruits like grapes, blackberry, and raspberry. Also, it allures users with an earthy smell mixed with pine.

This weed has been proved to win huge counts of hearts that are filled with immense delight after tasting it. It tastes earthy and dusty in the starting and on the climax; it delivers the fruity taste filling the user with flavors of grape, blackberry, and raspberry. Also, It’s dusty, earthy, smoky, and fruity at the same time.

Hindu Kush With Energetic Performance:

Hindu kush can also be dictated as a universal strain. It is an Indica dominant strain with 100% availability in this. It took origin in mountains and moved across India afterward. Also, it has been mentioned that the seeds than in 1920 reached the US. Soon it got popularity and won the space to be the major part for many of the weeds going high in the demand.

Hindu kush smells like pine, flowery, sweet, and honey as a soothing aroma. The aroma of honey splits in mild sweet flavor just after being used followed by pine. Citrus, lemon, and spicy tang makes it an iconic weed.

This description has come across to make you familiar with the world’s most popular and strong enough strains. If you want to go with these products you can visit

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